Beginning back in 1986, while a member of the Cohen Financial team, I authored “Financing Notes”. The final issue of Financing Notes was issued 2Q2015. Nearly thirty months later, I introduce to you JackChat.

After almost 40 years of acquiring skills, accumulating experiences, and developing relationships, I find myself blessed with a perspective that some view as a strategic thought leader. Day in and day out, through the years, I talk to a lot of disparate people across all walks of professional lives all the time. Periodically, I have enjoyed sharing my assumptions, questions and conclusions about opportunities in the Commercial Real Estate Finance Capital Markets, entrepreneurialism, the business of business, and performance  aspects of life. Though my wife believes I am indeed an “acquired taste”, I offer a periodic look at business from my unique perspective. JackChat is exactly that – me chatting about what I see, hear, do in the present.

JackChat March 2023

In a few short months, June 1, I will celebrate my 42nd anniversary in the industry! Today, in an internal meeting, one of my younger colleagues challenged me to stroll down memory lane and discuss prior “recessions” (say, industry hiccups for one reason or another) with the context for each of sharing a learning moment.

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